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Neêrlandsch Nog Wat
Ranty Dutch Person of Uncertain Gender
scheduling conflicts~~ 
8th-Nov-2010 08:32 pm

So according to the UvA's scheduling website, two of my minor courses are right on top of each other. No, seriously, as of right now the scheduling!fail has reached new lows. Fortunately, there is no way in hell this is intentional (at least I hope not, but then again you can never rule it out, I guess...), so it'll hopefully probably be changed later on.

...Until then, *faaacepaaalm*.

Oh, and it just doesn't list Anthropology at all over there. Yay.

Also, there was more, but I am le tired and should probably try some of that fancy 'homework' stuff before sleepy time.

[Also posted at allangtegek.]
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