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8th-Jul-2012 12:58 pm - Van Gaal -- not sure if want

On the one hand, between us just plain not qualifying in 2002 and the utter fail that was our "run" at Euro2012, it's not like the 2014 campaign could get any worse. And, yeah, I don't think they'd appoint him, or that he'd accept, if they were worried about a repeat of 2002, but still.

On the other, I don't actually dislike the man, really (for the most part, lately, I just kind of don't care), and of course there's probably a rule saying fans of Ajax must at the very least appreciate him. :P

And, to be honest, I don't really know who else was actually available (nor do I care enough to go and find out), so I automatically don't know who I'd want. Rijkaard.

(I'm not looking forward to the possible media shenanigans, though.)

8th-Jul-2012 02:14 am - Ugh, and I'd been doing so well
hier gaat wat fout
I mean, you may have noticed that I've been trying to post every single day for the past month (I've had to do two private entries which pretty much said "this is an update" to do it, but I was managing), and I'd almost made it an entire freaking month. Sooo close! :(

Although I guess the fact that I got distracted by fic writing is a small plus, isn't it... *sigh*

And no, that's not the reason for my excessive whining about LoK, I swear. *g*

That's just because I have a great many ~feelings~ about it (most of them angry *cough*) and a lot of the time, I'll be reading meta/critiques and get so wordily annoyed my twitter can't handle it be reminded of how in love I was with this show and then how much it disappointed me/that other people have been watching it wrong omg/that I must raeg.
6th-Jul-2012 08:11 pm - You know,

As pissed as I was about Mass Effect 3 (and, uh, I was pretty damn pissed, let me tell you), in complaining about it, I never really got any further than jotting bullet points of suck down in a notebook (it was still five pages of raeg and capslock and four-letter words). Apparently I still haven't run out of steam w.r.t. the utter failure that was Legend of Korra, though.

(Or, you know, other people criticizing it wrong.)

Sorry?Collapse )

At this point, I can't guarantee no more LoK entries, sorry. I'm too disappointed and too pissed off.

5th-Jul-2012 09:38 pm - Dear LoK fandom,

… why aren't you providing me with the following in fic or art? (Spoilers, technically)Collapse )

I mean, I know I do a lot of whining and that I don't even actually participate in the fandom, but come on. Cater to me, damn it!

PS - I am watching the greatest terrible movie ever: it's already technically passed the Bechdel and it just had a "omg just do it already" moment between two of the women. (Sadly, they did not; unless you count the fighting.)

ETA: because I forgot some things I wanted. And I am entitled enough to go and do that. XD

3rd-Jul-2012 10:07 pm - Fail.
ideeën (hier wordt iets geboren...)

I've been trying to plot out an AU for about three weeks now, and so far I've gotten... nowhere, because I want to do everything at once and yet nothing before I've done anything else. Unsurprisingly, this is getting me nowhere.

I do have lots of different files, though, and I've spent hours fooling around in excel!




(Well, that and about a dozen completely unrelated ideas. *faaacepaaalm*)

2nd-Jul-2012 05:51 pm - ...Oops
ireen triest

So, it turns out I hadn't gone to the dentist in three years. And the damage? Five cavities. Yes, five. *facepalm*

Man, I haven't had a single one since I was, like, ten or something. (Yes, I know. Shut up. I used to have terrible teeth as a kid, and then after I had to get a permanent molar fixed pretty much as soon as it came through, my dad scared me straight and I've had no problems since then. Uh, until now, obviously.)

Ugh, maybe I just got too comfortable/confident. FML.

1st-Jul-2012 10:31 pm - Fuck!
ireen triest

Curse you, Spain, for not satisfying my hate-on for you by actually playing a good match this time. It's much more difficult to hate you when you're actually good!

I feel really bad for Italy, though. Until today, I thought they were, overall, the best team this tournament.

But, I'll just be honest, mostly I feel bad (and pissed) for myself, because now no one will ever shut up about Spain again, no matter how bad they play. And that is, obviously, the most important thing.

hier gaat wat fout

I think I should say, first of all, that my suspension of disbelief was thoroughly broken by episode ten nine, and that where I would otherwise be charitable and willing to take telling over showing and make my own inferences, I just can't, anymore. And with a series like Legend of Korra, which explains pretty much nothing, that means the whole narrative has pretty much fallen apart for me. (And, consequently, that means that defenses of the series'/season's failings fall flat to me, as well, because they require putting a level of faith into the production that I no longer have.)

Cut for length. Contains spoilers for Book 1 of LoK. Also, uh, a rant.Collapse )

There's just so much potential for awesomeness that's been completely wasted with this mess, and I'm incredibly disappointed. (Honestly, I doubt I've remembered to list anywhere near all of the things that either didn't work for me or that were just completely stupid.)


(But, on the bright side, I've moved on from Mass Effect 3 enough that I have absolutely no desire to waste any of my time on witnessing their stupid DLC.)

ETA: I accidentally a lot of words. Also, typos.
ireen triest

'Spoilers', lolCollapse )

Holy shit, sorry guys. I didn't know I'd fucked up the cut. It looked fine in semagic yesterday!
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