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Neêrlandsch Nog Wat
Ranty Dutch Person of Uncertain Gender
Man, screw today. Glad it's almost over  
15th-Oct-2012 11:04 pm
ireen triest
So... today I wasted €2 on tramfare I could've saved; to class I was late anyway and from class the train was. I also had the misfortune of missing a tram while it was stopped for a red light, yes really, because as I walked up (I had to cross the street in front of it so the fucking driver must've seen me) it valiantly pulled up to move a good half-meter at least, so good on you mister tram driver!

And then, like I said, the train was late, and there were a load of people waiting for that one, so I decided to take the one that'd be leaving a minute later because it'd be less crowded. Yeah, that one didn't fucking move an inch for like twenty godfucking incompetent minutes because, I swear to fucking god, there was no driver. Wow. Way to continue to inspire confidence, guys!

So that kind of ruined my mood for the rest of the day, because I had an exam waiting that needed to be finished by midnight. (And, sure, I could've gotten it done ages ago, but it's not like 7 hours is pushing it that much.) Fortunately, I got to add my own dose of fail, because I just sent in the unsaved corrected version (i.e. not the corrected version) so now the layout is all screwed up because I wrote the thing in notepad and that sucks. (Plagiarism paranoia has not lessened, either, and I don't think it's possible to go any further overboard with citations. Ugh.)

And on a final note? I hate all these damn theorists and artists and idiots I have to read, because they are Wrong and I am not. Fuck them.

I am also annoyed that I'm still pissed off but don't have any good games to blow off some steam with. Grrr...
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