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4th-Jul-2013 11:35 am - *tiktik*
loesje: studeren

Hallo, lieden. Als alles goed gaat, krijg ik deze zomer eíndelijk mijn bachelordiploma. Daar moet ik alleen wel eerst mijn scriptie voor af hebben en dáárvoor moet ik eerst mijn enquête van respondenten zien te voorzien.

Als je even ongeveer twintig minuten de tijd hebt en/of zin om iedereen die je kent in mijn naam te storen, zou ik dat ten zeerste op prijs stellen.

Hier is de link: http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=359152.


10th-Dec-2012 01:27 am - ???
WTF is "you are not authorized to view this comment" supposed to mean? The who is? I mean, it's my journal...?
ireen triest
So... today I wasted €2 on tramfare I could've saved; to class I was late anyway and from class the train was. I also had the misfortune of missing a tram while it was stopped for a red light, yes really, because as I walked up (I had to cross the street in front of it so the fucking driver must've seen me) it valiantly pulled up to move a good half-meter at least, so good on you mister tram driver!

And then, like I said, the train was late, and there were a load of people waiting for that one, so I decided to take the one that'd be leaving a minute later because it'd be less crowded. Yeah, that one didn't fucking move an inch for like twenty godfucking incompetent minutes because, I swear to fucking god, there was no driver. Wow. Way to continue to inspire confidence, guys!

So that kind of ruined my mood for the rest of the day, because I had an exam waiting that needed to be finished by midnight. (And, sure, I could've gotten it done ages ago, but it's not like 7 hours is pushing it that much.) Fortunately, I got to add my own dose of fail, because I just sent in the unsaved corrected version (i.e. not the corrected version) so now the layout is all screwed up because I wrote the thing in notepad and that sucks. (Plagiarism paranoia has not lessened, either, and I don't think it's possible to go any further overboard with citations. Ugh.)

And on a final note? I hate all these damn theorists and artists and idiots I have to read, because they are Wrong and I am not. Fuck them.

I am also annoyed that I'm still pissed off but don't have any good games to blow off some steam with. Grrr...
13th-Sep-2012 09:28 pm - So, uhm, I did a thing
Actually, I've done several things over the course of September so far (and another thing back in August the result of which is still not in my possession, so there's that) that I probably shouldn't have done on account of having a negative amount of money.

I bought my own copy of Guild Wars 2, I kind of went on a book buying spree (apparently I have no self control in bookstores--actually, I must have little, or I would've walked away with way more overpriced purchases) last week and never even bought the book I was there for 'cause I thought it was too expensive, and now I've just bought tickets for the Davis Cup.

Because I am an idiot. So, yeah.


PS - The dentist ended up costing just under €400 which is just insane.
12th-Sep-2012 07:02 pm - Fuckity-fuck.
ireen triest

Apparently, my charmingly-named "student's travel product" (no, seriously, that is its name) is up at the end of this month. This is kind of a problem what with the whole still-a-student thing. And (having had the pleasure of travelling to and from uni without the damn thing--it was broken, no I never did get that money back, fuck this system--for a month last year) I know that without it, it is massive suck that ticks in at goddamn over €100 a month.

For the rest of this year. And all of next year. At least.

On top of that goddamn bullshit other €3000.

30th-Aug-2012 09:13 pm - Wryyy
ireen triest

Okay, so the CL draw for Ajax is brutal this year (again (some more)). I am really, really not a fan of the defeatist let's-try-for-third-place rhetoric, but in this case? Honestly, I don't think it'd actually be defeatist. It'd be an accomplishment, even finishing third in this group. But who knows, really?

(And can anybody explain to me why there was only one group we could be drawn into? I totally don't understand how that works, and yes, I am too lazy to go find out myself. :P)

In other news, I've given myself the challenge to get over my (really baseless, even for me) hatred antipathy for Andy Murray. I'd already promised myself to do that after Wimbledon, but then at the Olympic semifinal, I totally failed at doing so. (For what it's worth, it's been largely about contrariness towards the BBC, from a couple years ago when I watch a single match of his there and got pissed off, so, you know, that's a great basis for dislike. Yup. Also, I hated his hair.)

Mind, the challenge is not to go and like him, and I reserve the right to still bitch if he nabs this title; I just have to not hate him. It's... going.

1st-Aug-2012 06:01 pm - A Grand Tradition Continues!
ireen triest

I hate the medals this time around, too. They're preposterously huge and, honestly, kind of videogamey. And then there's the comically teeny bouquets to go with them. Honestly, it's like they ran out of budget for the flowers because of the stupid medals.

23rd-Jul-2012 11:27 am - Dentist Saga II: the Fillening

So, I'm back from the dentist again, and it was okay. (And fast, too; it only took like half an hour for all five!) The major casualty was actually the right corner of my mouth (since all the damage was on that side, bizarrely enough)--seriously, it's swollen and everything and it feels really weird 'cause I'm pretty sure it got a bit numbed from all the pulling, lol--because those dentist's tools? They're textured for grip. So, you know, they're also textured for digging into your flesh. XD

Oh, and they did four of them without anesthesia, but it hurt on the fifth (well, fourth, then the fifth 'cause the stuff had to kick in first, obviously, so then they did the fifth fourth), but they can apparently sedate you so locally that it was just that one molar. And aside from that one, which really hurt--but it was apparently the deepest, so that figures--really the weirdest thing was feeling the tug of the... thingy when they clean out well, the cavity I guess.

But, yeah, that's the ~exciting conclusion~ to the story.

Aaaugh it's still tingly and weird in the corner of my mouth. :/

15th-Jul-2012 11:03 pm - Some random things

  • I'm up to five finished fics this month. I suppose that means something positive.
  • Yay! Despite having an, uh, "unfortunate" Tour, Rabo've won a stage! Yay!
  • And a Dutch person was in the top 10!
  • (Late like a late thing, but also yay Feds.)
  • And, I swear, at this rate, all the angst in fandom is going to make me like the end of LoK season one.
  • Although the setting (Republic City, United Republic of Nations) does pretty much guarantee my undying loyalty unless that whole republic thing gets rescinded.

10th-Jul-2012 12:54 am - Again, I failed XD
hier gaat wat fout

So I generally sit on the couch in front of the TV* (I'm currently nearly always on my laptop, because my parents' laptop is constantly in danger of a meltdown and because my own computer can't connect to our network), and obviously that means that whenever someone wants to use the TV, I get ousted off my favorite spot.
* We only have the one couch; just stating its location.

Usually, I just use another computer, but I was writing fic this time (beaten by the midnight deadline again, alas, but sssh don't tell anyone), so I took my laptop with me in my exile to, you know, continue writing fic. And then my laptop crapped out, yay, so I moved on to the desktop I was already seated behind, and started again--because, you know, midnight was fast approaching--while I waited for my laptop to come back into the land of the living and then start up again so I could put what I'd already written into a private entry.

By the time I was done (totally before 11:58 when I posted it to my fic journal and not twenty minutes ago, shut up), I was rushing to post it (duh), and thankfully I'd already set up much of the header earlier in the evening. Posting it to fic journal: success. Buuut, then I tried to post it to the challenge community, and was thwarted by IE, which had been annoyingly semi-crashing before, but stepped it up just for this moment, apparently--I couldn't even get the page to load in a second tab, and the one I already had open wouldn't respond. Like, at all, in between the annoying pop-ups telling me that the page was no longer responding again, it didn't work either. (It hadn't been that bad, earlier. Just incredibly annoying rather than unworkable.)

And that is my story for today about deadline fail and browser trouble. BRB, retooling that private entry into another "this is an update" private cheat posts.

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